our story

We are two mom friends who share a desire for encouraging other women, especially moms, as well as a desire to keep things real. Those two things really were the driving forces behind this blog collaboration. It is so easy to get bogged down in social media and blog-land these days with trying to “keep up” or make it seem like you’ve got it all figured out. Spoiler alert: we don’t have it all figured out. But we are doing this to tell you, “Hey, it’s ok if everything isn’t perfect. Do you! Own it.” We hope this site will bring your some encouragement and laughter, and help you know you’re not alone.

So why “cold coffee, hot mess”?

I think any mom will know the answer to that question. It could basically be our collective life motto, right? (if you are some magical mama unicorn who is able to finish a hot cup of coffee without at least one spin around the microwave, please tell us all your secrets!) There is some part of our lives that will constantly be a hot mess, because having it all together is totally overrated.

And if you’re wondering how the two of us even got to this blog collaborating part of our lives…

We met when our boys ended up in the same preschool class (Courtney’s oldest and Hannah’s middle). Long story short, we found out that Courtney’s in-laws knew Hannah’s in-laws and that our husbands had grown up in the same church. That was just the beginning of all the random things we have in common. Our friendship grew as we realized we both had the same struggles and ridiculous moments as stay-at-home-moms. And we have prayed for and encouraged each other through what can be a very lonely and isolating season of life. We knew we wanted to extend that same encouragement and prayer to women everywhere who are in the thick of it. Whether that’s staying home with little kids, being a working mom, or just being a woman…heck, that is hard enough some days! So thanks for being here with us. We need each other! There is nothing more powerful than women supporting each other, so we are excited to have a space to do that! We hope you’ll stick around.

March 4, 2017