How To Help Our Texas Friends

August 28, 2017

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Hey, friends! We are sure most of you have heard by now, but Hurricane Harvey has ravaged Southeast Texas and it’s not over! A large portion of the greater Houston area is under water, much like Baton Rouge was just over a year ago. Our neighbors to the west did not waste a second being there for Louisiana and offering their support when we needed it the most, and we want to do the same for them! We’ve had several people ask us how they could help from both near and far. Some of our friends here in Baton Rouge have some great ways to help the people of Houston and Southeast Texas, so we are linking to their sites so that you can find more information. Most importantly, we ask that you continue to pray for the people of Texas, of Houston, and of Southwest Louisiana as they face more rising water in the coming days, and a long road of rebuilding to follow.

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Baton Rouge Moms put together a great resource for everyone wanting to help. They’ve included a list of many reputable charities and organizations to donate to for hurricane and flood relief.

Our friends over at ShopSFT compiled a great list of resources in the Houston area, from emergency numbers and social media outlets that provide great information for people in Houston and those concerned about loved ones in the area. Also included in that post is a list of places in the Baton Rouge area where you can make donations if you feel led, and those will be delivered to Houston once roads open up. They also included a few other reputable organizations for those not near to Baton Rouge.

In addition to the resources above, ShopSFT will be giving ALL of the proceeds from their Cajun Navy t-shirts  to the Houston Food BankFrom their website: “Twelve years ago, the #CajunNavy rescued thousands stranded after Hurricane Katrina. One year ago, our Baton Rouge community was underwater and the Cajun Navy came to our rescue. Now, they’ve arrived in Houston and are currently performing search and rescue. To honor them and and their brave efforts in Texas, ALL proceeds from our Cajun Navy tees will go to the Houston Food Bank.” 



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