Finding Community // Friendships to Build You Up

May 22, 2017

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today’s post isn’t the one I had planned, so if you’re one of the readers who requested it, know that it’s coming soon! After seeing a friend go through some very hard things over the weekend, I wanted to go a different route and talk about community. Not community in the sense of where you live, but community in the sense of the people you surround yourself with and do life with.

I want to encourage you to get plugged into a church home, a small group, a Bible study, or whatever you want to call it if you’re not already a part of one. Invest in the lives of others who share the same beliefs and values as you. Why, you ask? Simple: life is HARD sometimes. We all face hardships, heartache, and temptations; it’s a fallen world and we as Believers aren’t excluded from those things. So, I think it’s important to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us, pray with us and for us, carry our burdens, be honest with us (even when it’s tough), and love us despite our own shortcomings.

It’s not always about the hard times. I think it’s equally important to surround ourselves with friends who rejoice and celebrate with us in the good and happy moments, friends who are genuinely happy for you, who celebrate the milestones in your life, and cheer for your accomplishments; and you theirs. It’s always so refreshing to not feel like you’re in a constant competition with someone, and instead can rejoice with them and them with you.

God created us to be in community with one another as Believers; in the good times and the bad. It’s encouraging to have others around you that are in pursuit of the same eternal goal. It’s so much easier to resist conforming to the ways of this world when you have women to do life with that are FOR you and are looking to the Cross and pointing you there as well. Yes, we should still be showing the love of Christ in this world, but when it comes to our community, accountability, and prayer, we should be surrounding ourselves with our sisters in Christ and also those who are more spiritually mature who will challenge us to be more like Christ.

I know that it’s hard to get out of our comfort zones sometimes, trust me. I spent a few years in Baton Rouge before I was plugged in with a group, but I can 150% say that I am so much more encouraged now that I am. If you haven’t quite found “your people” yet, don’t give up. Go out on a limb and talk to someone you think you might have things in common with. Invite her to coffee or a play date. Shoot her a Facebook message and start getting to know her. Do what we did and start your own life group with girls God puts on your heart. You may be surprised how well you all click and how much you were craving that intentional heartfelt time with friends…friends who speak truth into your life when you need it and you can feel free to just be YOU with. It’s so good for your soul.

If you have a group of friends already, but you’re struggling to feel connection still, or you aren’t encouraged and challenged by them, maybe it’s time to step up and say something! They may be wanting the same things but just don’t know how to get there. And if they aren’t wanting the same things, it’s okay to seek out friends who do! This is your one life and you should live it surrounded by people you love and who love you, people who will call you out when you’re making unwise decisions or not acting like you should, people who will listen but not pry, people who will drop everything to come have a glass of wine when you’re having a hard day. We want that for you, and would love to walk this journey with you if you don’t have a community of your own.

What does your tribe look like? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are pointing you towards Christ?

hebrews 10:24-25 //

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