Enjoy The Season

December 1, 2017

Happy Friday, friends and Happy December! Today, we have a little bit of a different post for y’all. The title of this post actually is a double entendre for us; Enjoy the Season…let us explain a little. Just after Halloween, we were sitting and talking about how neither of us had gotten a single picture of our kids in a pumpkin patch, and that we were a-okay with it; too much stress to make that happen. That led us to start talking about getting caught up in the Holiday season. It’s true for everyone that we are easily swept up in filling our schedules with all of the festive things, shopping ’til we drop, and getting all the Instagram worthy pictures. But, as bloggers, the pressure to do all of those things seems even greater.

Everywhere you look on social media and blogland from October thru New Year’s, you will see post after post and feed after feed of the most beautifully curated, festive pictures. Don’t get us wrong, we love looking at them and support our fellow moms and bloggers who post them, but we had to be real with ourselves this year. It’s too hard to do all of those things and make them look nice and pretty during this season of life that we are in. We both have young children and one of us is about to “pop” any day! Having everything perfect and curated for photo-ops just isn’t a reality for us all of the time.

This year, you won’t get a “holiday home/decor” post out of either of us. Neither of our houses have the Christmas decorations perfectly displayed. Nope, instead, we have things placed in spots where they won’t get broken by tiny hands. Our Christmas trees seem to have the majority of their ornaments on the bottom sections because our kids wanted to “help” decorate. There’s at least one strand of lights that aren’t lit because ain’t nobody got time to figure out which bulb is burnt out. Our wrapping paper and bows aren’t up to Martha Stewart standards. Instead, when your kids’ eyes light up at the sight of Lightning McQueen Christmas wrapping paper, you let the idea of prettily wrapped presents fall to the wayside because you know that one day, they won’t get excited about what paper their gifts are wrapped in.

We will both bake cookies with our little ones this year, letting them cut the dough into cute, festive shapes and add way too many sprinkles, but if you see a picture of it, it won’t be perfect. There will be flour all over and a messy kitchen because that’s what happens when you bake with a three or six year old. You won’t see us heading to Christmas tree farms to chop down the perfect tree while our kids sit cutely on a buffalo plaid blanket. A) Neither of our kids would ever just SIT on a blanket; if they ever did, we’d know something was up. B) As much as both of us LOVE the smell of real trees and love the idea of making memories with our kids helping us pick out a tree, this year just ain’t the year; no energy or desire to keep the thing watered or to constantly clean up after it…we both have husbands and children that we have to water and clean up after ;). So, both of us are team fake tree for now.

Even though you may not see every single detail of our lives this Christmas season, know that we are making memories with our little ones. We just have to be realistic and know that they need our attention on them more than they need us putting a phone or camera in their face to get the perfect picture. You’ll get glimpses, don’t worry, but they will be accompanied by messes and tantrums because #momlife. So, with that, let’s get this Christmas season rolling! Bring on the hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas movies, shatter proof ornaments, dancing around to Christmas music, and catching our kids trying to peek to see what’s under the tree. We hope that this month brings so much joy and happiness to you and yours, and may you see the magic of this season through the eyes of the little ones in your lives. Enjoy the season and embrace the season that you find yourself in.


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